Urgent call to all Pro-Life Texans!

Undoubtedly you have heard about the mob that prevented our pro-life omnibus bill from finally passing Tuesday night. I am not about to let them get away with it, are you?

It should come as no surprise to you that our pro-life Governor Rick Perry was not about to let the mob have the final say. He has called another Special Session which begins Monday, and yes, abortion is on the call! The omnibus bill, HB 2 has already been filed and will have a hearing on Tuesday. This coming Tuesday, July 2nd.

Lawmakers are working overtime to ensure that law and order will prevail, but need your support! They need to see pro-lifers in the gallery on vote days and in the hearings. The media needs to see us, too.

The pro-life omnibus bill is historic legislation that will save thousands of babies each year and better protect women. It bans abortions after 20 weeks when babies can feel pain, requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, requires abortion facilities to upgrade to that of other surgical centers and better regulates medical abortions.

The bill passed through both chambers by large majorities before returning to the senate for a vote to concur. It is expected to pass again by large margins, but your presence is crucial.

The WORLD is watching Texas. Will you be the pro-life witness they’re looking for? Or will they only see a sea of orange-shirts worn by abortion advocates?

We are asking pro-lifers to be in line Tuesday at noon in the Capitol and plan to stay as late as possible, probably midnight. Sign in at the computer kiosks, and if you have a compelling story testify (3 mins.). Wear something blue and comfortable shoes. Tweet about it using the hash tag #stand4life. Follow Texans for Life on facebook and check back here for updates.

Still not sure you should come? Consider that this effort has been largely coordinated and funded by the Obama machine as part of a multi-million dollar Turn Texas Blue effort – all at the expense of LIFE! They threatened pro-life Democrats with well-funded opponents if they voted for it. They sent out a memo encouraging protestors to resist arrest and offered to cover their bail. Obama, Pelosi & Reid tweeted in support of the filibuster. Now they are working to get over 10,000 people to the Capitol, and many of them will be from out of state and paid. They are sparing no expense. Pro-lifers may not be able to match their $$, but there are more of us!

It is time for us to take our stand. For Life. For Texas. Will you be there to #stand4life?


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  1. kathy ratcliff

    I would like to go to Austin, but I dont want to go alone. Is there a Dallas group that is going that I could contact.

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