Not in Her Shoes. . . Social Media Campaign

Will she get to walk a mile in her shoes?

On Tuesday, April 16, Planned Parenthood will plaster the web with the Not In Her Shoes campaign for their Virtual Lobby Day. We need your help – yes, you! – to turn it around on them.

Planned Parenthood is encouraging women to tweet and blog and otherwise post online photos of their shoes, with pithy captions about how don’t nobody know what it’s like to walk in my shoes, m’kay?

See, these people are still trying to convince us that it’s okay for them to get paid to take the lives of innocent humans, because they do it for really, really good reasons.

Not money. No way. Has nothing to do with money. Nope.

In response, Texans for Life Coalition plans to out-lobby the lobbyists with Virtual Pro-Life Lobby Day, a Not In Her Shoes campaign of their very own that will make Planned Parenthood’s message look even more dumb and shallow than it already does.

The best part: you can be involved!

Show Planned Parenthood what abortion really means by tweeting and posting photos of baby girl shoes and booties with a comment reminding abortion advocates that they’ve never for a moment considered what it feels like to be the baby girl that will never get to wear shoes.

Visit the Not In Her Shoes Virtual Pro-Life Lobby Day page on Facebook for ideas, and show your support by liking the page.

Then, this Tuesday, April 16, tweet and post your Not In Her Shoes photo with the hashtag #notinhershoes.

Planned Parenthood tells us they are helping women. Women come to them with all sorts of problems, from being poor to being really busy at work to having mean Republican parents who don’t understand them. Planned Parenthood is there to help. And yes, they do accept cash, thanks.

In an email update from Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, president and CEO Mary E. Linton, said this:

Too often politicians are blinded by their own ideology or personal circumstances and don’t understand what another person is going through. Plain and simple: politicians shouldn’t propose legislation that restricts a woman’s private, medical decisions. They’re not in her shoes.

That’s what it means to these people to be morally opposed to abortion: we’re blinded by our ideology. I cannot think of a better way to describe the postmodern “understanding” of what a moral stance is.

Listen, Mary E. Linton, and really try hard to follow along: there are no circumstances in any woman’s life that make it acceptable to kill an innocent child. None. Even if it did somehow magically “help” her to kill her child (which it doesn’t), it still wouldn’t be okay. Period. It doesn’t matter where her shoes have walked a mile.

Kudos, though, for what will probably be a successful campaign, since women will finally have an excuse to show off their favorite shoes. Because who needs a moral compass when you have excellent taste?

If we’re going to talk about having a non-judgmental, live-and-let-live attitude, let’s start with the most innocent among us.

Don’t forget to tweet your baby girl shoes this Tuesday, April 16. If you’ve been looking for a fast, easy way to get involved for life, this is one. And remember to use hashtag #notinhershoes.


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  1. Maria Whitacre

    My two daughters will walk many miles in their own shoes throughtout their lifetime because I chose to accept life’s circumstances no matter what and never attack the innocent to better my personal situation. I taught my daughters the same message and more importantly that I LOVE them and have since the moment of their conception when I carried them under my HEART and now everyday as I carry them in my HEART.

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