Outrage! Obamacare Forces All Employers To Provide Free Abortion Drugs

In a move House minority leader and “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi has called “courageous,” the Obama administration has narrowed religious exemptions for sterilization and various forms of birth control, including abortion drugs. Said Chron.com blogger Richard Dunham, “The administration would require Catholic institutions to abandon their doctrines on reproductive issues or face catastrophic fines forcing them them to close hospitals that care for about a sixth of U.S. patients.”

Under Obamacare’s new regulations, all employers — exempting only churches and missions, but including religious hospitals and universities – will be forced to provide drugs and procedures that directly contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church and other religious belief systems.

For free.

Most people have to pay some portion of even life-saving surgery, and fight to get insurance to pay for some transplants. But in Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s brave new world, you can jaunt on over to the Walgreen’s and have them rustle up an abortion pill for free, on an insurance plan subsidized by your Catholic employer.

If you’re not outraged about this, no matter what your religious persuasion or lack thereof, you have abandoned all belief in liberty.

Liberty is a God-given right granted to us not by any government, document, or law, but by our Creator. Or, if the word Creator offends you, by our nature. We are free because we are supposed to be free, and even those who reject religion and have no firm belief system on which to base their understanding of liberty still know it is our birthright.

Ironically, the same people who cry “liberty” when it comes to a woman’s “right” to have an abortion, get herself sterilized, or contracept, are ignoring it now when it comes to the sacred right of human beings not to support that which they find unsupportable. Pro-lifers believe liberty ends when it conflicts with another’s right to live; hence our opposition to abortion and abortifacients. Supporters of this new regulation believe liberty ends wherever they say it does, and to hell with your religion and everything in it.

An op-ed written for the far-left magazine The Nation comes right out and says all you need to know in the title: “Obama Stands Up To Bishops. Finally.” The article goes on to question the teachings of the Catholic Church on birth control and condemn the Church for its imaginary war on “women’s health.”

First: I am so sick of people lumping abortion and birth control together and calling it “women’s health.” Neither one of these two things are necessary for women to be healthy. In fact, you can make a pretty solid argument that both of these things are damaging to women’s health, emotionally and physically.

Second: the Catholic Church is definitely the largest and arguably the most prolific charitable organization on the planet. If you have done any reading on the subject of European history, you will know that throughout the past two millennia, no one single entity has fed, clothed, and healed more human beings — including human women — around the world than the big mean evil patriarchal rich white woman-hating Catholic Church. This is not me ringing the Papal bell because I’m a Catholic. It’s just true.

Oh, you pesky truth! Getting in the way of everybody’s sexy, young, refreshing lies!

Third: when it coms to this issue, it shouldn’t matter to you whether abortion or birth control or sterilization is a good idea or not. It should just deeply bother and alarm you that our current administration is making it illegal to not pay for something you don’t believe in.

This administration has repeatedly shown a blatant, unapologetic disregard for those of us who believe that human rights begin when human life begins. Even as they curtail the rights of the unborn, they find magical new “rights” at every turn, and turn them into entitlements. It is no longer enough to have a “right” to birth control pills. Now, someone has to provide them for you — for free. How far will it go? Abortions are already subsidized by the taxpayer — Planned Parenthood gets tons of money from us, as you well know — so how long ’til radical pro-abortion groups like the Center for Reproductive Rights get their way?

I sat in an audience and listened to CRR president Nancy Northup argue that a right you can’t afford is no right at all. Hence, her argument for free abortions on demand.

I have a right to drive a Ferrari. Maybe one day in the golden Obama-scented future, all of you will be required to buy me one. That would be nice! Except, of course, for the pesky fact that, as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher observed of Socialist governments, “They always run out of other people’s money.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: unfortunately, abortion is still legal. You can go have an abortion if you want, and I can’t stop you. What I will not do, however, and should not by any government be compelled to do, is assist you in any way. I do not believe in artificial contraception, so if I am your employer and I am a Catholic, I should not have to provide you with insurance that pays 100% — or any percent — of your contraception costs. The government that forces me to do so is no longer a government for and by free men, but a tyranny.

Pro-choicers, if your sex life is — as you have been fond of screaming at me when I protest abortion — “your business,” how can you expect me to help you pay for it?

President Obama, under pressure from Congressional Republicans, signed an executive order in 2010 stating that Obamacare would not require citizens to pay for other people’s abortions. And now here he is, forcing all employers — including religious hospitals and schools, or even just some Catholic guy who owns a chain of bowling alleys – to provide insurance plans that include free abortion drugs to their employees.

Archbishop Timothy Broglio of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for Military Services wrote a letter which he issued to all Catholic military clergy to be read aloud at Sunday masses around the world. He called the new regulations “a blow to a freedom that you have fought to defend and for which you have seen your buddies fall in battle.”

The Army’s Office of the Chief of Chaplains attempted to stop Archbishop Broglio’s letter from being read. Secretary of the Army John McHugh, an Obama appointee, ended up allowing the letter to be read almost in its entirety. The Archbishop had to remove a line that said, “We cannot–we will not–comply with this unjust law.”

Well, I am not in the Armed Forces. So I’m saying it, on behalf of myself, and on behalf of millions of pro-life men and women, employers and employees, of all religious faiths, and even those who may not be pro-life but who recognize a threat to liberty when they see it.

“We cannot — we will not — comply with this unjust law.”

Contact your Representatives and Senators today. Right now. Call them on the phone or write them. They work for you. Click here to find out who they are. Tell them if they don’t oppose Obamacare, you will oppose them. Tell them you will refuse to comply with a law that compels you to betray your conscience.

This is still our country. Let’s make sure they know it.


Kristen Walker makes people mad on the Internet and sometimes tweets.


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  1. Rourke McGaffin

    As an American, a Texan and a Catholic I am happy to see that our government is providing healthcare options to it’s under-served citizens. Instead of trying to undermine this noble cause that is, in part, based on the Christian tenet of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The true test of your religious convictions is not what you believe but, what you do. Instead of trying to figure out ways to further undermine the ways in which our government is trying to help it’s citizens, find a way to improve the lives of those that are suffering around you. National healthcare, common defense, education, feeding our citizens; these are great things that help us all lead happy & productive lives.

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