Not a War on Women

by Chanacee Ruth-Killgore, author & pro-life Texas woman

I love being a Texan, though it can sometimes fade to a mere fondness in July and August. Generally speaking, however, I love Texas and H.B. 2. is just one of the many reasons. I love that here in Texas we said, “Life Matters,” because it does. More than that, though, we said that if you’re going to yell, “Safe, Legal and Rare,” we’re going to hold you to that “safe” part even as we fight to put an end to the unjust, inhuman law that Roe inflicted upon us and our entire nation.


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***ALERT!  THE CORRECT CHURCH ADDRESS IS 6251 Oakmont TRAIL (not Blvd), Fort Worth, TX 76132***


The highly-acclaimed Quebe Sisters Band is performing live in a benefit concert for Texans for Life on Valentine’s Day (Friday evening) at Fort Worth Presbyterian Church.

I met their mom at a previous event and heard they had been fiddlin’ together since they were little girls, playing western swing and singing in vintage harmony. When we had to book the concert a year in advance – well, that’s when I learned just how popular they are.

The Quebe Sisters Band plays all over the world and have racked up the awards to prove it! They have played the Grand Ole Opry, the Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center. They have performed with country greats Merle Haggard, Marty Stuart, Asleep at the Wheel, Willie Nelson and with world’s finest symphonies, too. They even opened for George Strait’s farewell tour, for goodness sakes!!

Sample the music here!

Fans of the Quebe Sisters Band are even calling from out of state! One fan from Oklahoma was thrilled that he only had to drive to Texas and not Pennsylvania!

What an honor to have the Quebe Sisters supporting Texans for Life with their tremendous talent, and what a fun night it promises to be. Dazzle your sweetheart, bring your buddy or even your whole family, but come for a great night of family-friendly live entertainment from Fort Worth’s best.

We’ll have sweet treats for you at intermission, and you’ll get to meet and visit with the Quebe Sisters. Tickets are going fast and seating is limited, so take advantage of the Early Bird Special today!

Click here to purchase your tickets.                                 –Donna Flores



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by Kyleen Wright, president

As I pondered the case of Baby Munoz and his family over the weekend, I found sleep and answers elusive.  This is a story of tragedy from start to finish.  There are no winners.

Having followed the story since the press was first made aware, I attended Friday’s hearing hoping to make a more informed opinion.  I was caught off guard when shortly before the hearing I saw a copy of agreed Stipulation of Facts filed with the court.  Two of those facts jumped out:  Mrs. Munoz had been brain dead since November 28 and Baby Munoz was not viable.

We will likely never know the full condition of Mrs. Munoz or her baby, so many questions remain.  My heart grieves for the loss of both as well as the anguish their family has endured.

What we do know is that Baby Munoz had an advocate in John Peter Smith Hospital and Texas law.  Some twenty-five years ago we fought JPS over its insistence on providing abortions at all stages of pregnancy, subsidized by tax payers—including me.  What a difference a couple of decades makes.


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Guest Column by Jeff Turner

On Friday, January 24, the 96th District Courtroom in Tarrant County, Texas was the stage for a tragic tale, not told by idiots, but still one “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” And by nothing, I mean a profound absence. The tale is one that will be retold more often as medical technology advances to keep people alive, in this case, Marlise Munoz, who in November 2013 suffered a pulmonary embolism when she was fourteen weeks into her pregnancy. Her husband and her parents asked John Peter Smith Hospital to discontinue all life-sustaining treatment for her, which action indirectly would cause the death of her (and his) child in utero. They contend that the very doctors treating her reported that she was brain dead and recommended the withdrawal of such treatment. The hospital did not oblige their request, relying solely on a provision of the Texas Health & Safety Code that provides that a “person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant woman.” (emphasis added).


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Media reports on state's largest pro-life march

The March for Life is just around the corner!  It’s Saturday, January 18, and is a wonderful opportunity for people from all walks of life to grow together in commitment and strength, while standing publicly for life. This year, we are moving the event to the KBH Convention Center (Dallas Convention Center) to accommodate our growing crowds — 10,000 and counting!

Last year, I stood from a 3rd story building and watched the huge river of 10,000 pro-lifers march together to rally at the Dallas Federal Court Building. I saw parents with small children in strollers, large groups with matching t shirts, people carrying signs and banners, men, women and children, walking alone or in small groups. All ages, denominations, races and creeds! People were pouring over the sidewalks, as far as I could see! It showed me that we can’t “profile” who is and is not a pro-lifer. Anyone wanting to protect babies from abortion can be part of the team!   (2014 March for Life flyer)


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(The following op/ed piece was authored by our president, Kyleen Wright and carried in the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the San Antonio Express News)

Texas’ new pro-life law requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Abortion clinics have sued to block the measure, complaining their doctors can’t get those privileges.

Actually, two-thirds of abortion providers already have hospital privileges, and it is illegal for a hospital to discriminate against a doctor for performing abortions.

Clinics have argued that this provision will require many of them to close. But more than 90 percent of women will still have access to an abortion within 100 miles. Also, there is at least one secular hospital within 30 miles of every abortion clinic.


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We are almost across the finish line!

We have one last big hearing and vote on the pro-life omnibus bill–tomorrow, starting at 2 p.m. in the Senate chamber.

We need a blue, blue gallery to silently cheer on our pro-life senators as they take on Wendy Davis and her cohorts as we work to ban abortions after 5 months and improve clinic standards for women.

Your support has been overwhelming!

Stand4Life Rally

After thousands of you turned out for Monday night’s rally with Gov. Mike Huckabee and The Duggar family, lawmakers were overwhelmed, hugging and thanking organizers for the show of support. Many felt they had been under siege as a sea of orange originally dominated the Capitol, and they were grateful and emotional witnessing your support.

On Wednesday, as the House took up HB 2, all but of a handful of the 500 seats were blue. Representative Jodie Laubenberg, the bill author, shared how encouraged and emboldened she was to see the Gallery decked in blue4life as she began her arduous day of debate. Many of us arrived at the Capitol at 5am for the 10am hearing to ensure that we made it in first so that our team of pro-life legislators knew we were with them. (I cannot tell you how proud and gratified I was when I arrived at 5am and saw that every door of the Capitol had a blue line!)

Now we need to show Senators that we have their back tomorrow. Come early, stay late.

This is will be the final & biggest battle.

Please make plans to join us we finally pass this historic pro-life bill that will save babies and better protect women. We desperately need reinforcements–YOU–standing with us, dressed in blue! Abortion advocates won a victory last time the senate voted, and they will be fighting hard for this last attempt to kill the bill.

Lawmakers continue to work overtime to maintain law and order so fear not–just come. We HAVE THE VOTES. We just need YOU. As Gov. Huckabee said at the rally, all eyes are on Texas. Be in line EARLY to take the first shift, but if you have to come late, come to relieve those who came early.

Come, be part of a historic witness that reverberates around the world.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to be a part of the biggest pro-life movement in Texas EVER, as we set the standard for the nation! Wear your blue and comfortable shoes. Email for information about charter buses available. Tweet about it using the hash tag #stand4life.


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