During our drive home from school one afternoon last year, my then seven-year-old son surprised me with a heartbreaking question. With as much disbelief that a child his age could muster, he said,

“Mommy, at school today my friend told me that if a mommy has a baby in her tummy and she decides she does not want it, then she can kill it!” Then he asked, “That’s not true! Is it, mommy?”

Even Little Ones Want to Help!

Not knowing exactly how to respond to such a question coming from my innocent child, whose six-year-old sister was seated beside him, I took a deep breath and said a quick prayer.

“Sadly, it is true.” I said. Both of my children were truly shocked. He responded with disgust, while she seemed overcome with sadness. “How can it be true?” she asked through tears.

Although that was not a conversation I wanted to have with my young children, something very positive came of it: two pro-life warriors were born during our car ride home that afternoon. They remember women and their unborn babies in their prayers daily; they accompany us to pray outside of Planned Parenthood on occasion; and, right now they are really looking forward to the Walk for Life!

“We walk for the mommies and babies!” exclaimed my daughter, now seven, excitedly holding her new Walk for Life brochure. She and her brother each raised $100 last year! Included in the donations was money they generously took from their own piggy banks.

Today, I asked my son who is eight why it is important that we participate in the Walk. He said, “We help the mommies so they will let their babies be born, and so that there won’t be any more abortions.”

Why support Texans for Life? We take aim at the heart of abortion by reaching teens with the life-saving and life-changing message of abstinence. Through our programs, thousands of young people have been impacted over the last 25 years. The value and dignity of every human life is affirmed through our record-setting rallies, speeches, and workshops. We have had a major impact by educating citizens and legislators, which in turn enables life-saving legislation to be passed.

Won’t you join us on Saturday, May 7th* at one of the convenient Walk for Life locations to show your support as well? My children have already said they will be taking some money from their piggy banks again this year. How about you? Click here for specifics, and thank you for your faithful support!


*Fredericksburg & Forney locations walk April 30th


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So you’re Pro-Life?

Media reports on state's largest pro-life marchY

Are you pro-life enough to pray with us an hour? To be a public witness in the place where Roe v. Wade began? This January marks 43 years since that infamous Supreme Court ruling, and abortion is back before the Supreme Court which will consider an appeal of HB 2 this spring.

We urgently need you to stand, pray and worship with us at the state’s largest pro-life event, The North Texas March for Life, Saturday, January 16, in Dallas.

There will be the usual Mass with Bishops Kevin Farrell (Dallas) and Michael Olson (Ft. Worth), and there will also be a guided prayer service, A Call to Prayer, featuring Chris Wheel of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowships’ TheTurnAround Agenda, Carolyn Cline Hollis of Involved for Life and Representative Cindy Burkett.

With HB 2 before the Supreme Court, we need you more than ever! Much more is at stake than just that trend-setting omnibus bill we fought so hard for in 2013 (that has saved tens of thousands of lives already). If the Supreme court redefines what constitutes an “undue burden” the pro-life movement could be changed for decades.

 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

We have done our part, planning, lobbying, electing pro-life officials, and now it’s up to God – and the prayer warriors.  After the Call to Prayer and Mass, we will March to the Federal Courthouse for a Rally with Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship’s Dr. Tony Evans and Jewels Green, Feminist for Life. Be a public witness and stand with 10,000 other pro-lifers from all walks of life and faiths.  You will leave refreshed and renewed.
Will you be a prayer warrior for life?  Onward!



Schedule – Saturday, January 16 – KBH Convention Center in Dallas – 650 S. Griffin St.

Noon Pro-Life Ministry Fair opens
1:00 pm A Call to Prayer or Roe Memorial Mass
3:00 pm North Texas March for life, featuring Dr. Tony Evans & Jewels Green
5:00 pm Pro-Life Ministry Fair closes



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Kay & Byron Cook with Kyleen Wright

There are many legislators to whom pro-life advocates owe a debt of gratitude for the numerous successes of the 84th Texas Legislature. Few, however, are more deserving than House State Affairs Committee Chair Byron Cook.

The House State Affairs Committee is one of the most critical committees to the success of the pro-life movement. Before any bill can be considered on the House floor, it must first be considered and approved by a committee, as required by the Texas Constitution and House rules.
The State Affairs Committee considers nearly all of the pro-life bills in the House, most of which are highly contentious and frequently attract formidable opposition.

During the special session of July 2013, for example, when Chairman Cook’s committee held a public hearing on HB 2 (the extremely successful pro-life bill to ban late abortions and vastly increase safety standards at abortion clinics), more than 3400 opponents registered to testify against it, hoping to overwhelm the process through gross numbers.

Chairman Cook, the State Affairs Committee, and his small staff skillfully processed the unprecedented numbers of witnesses, without error. Each witness and the attending data provided multiple opportunities for error, any of which would have been fatal points of error. To anyone familiar with the committee process, Chairman Cook’s dedication to passing the pro-life bill was more than evident.

As everyone knows, because Chairman Cook thwarted the opponents of HB 2, the Legislature was able to pass it, and the Governor was able to sign it into law. Consequently, HB 2 has stopped virtually all abortions after five months in Texas and shuttered half the abortion facilities that had been operating for years at substandard safety levels, putting the health and safety of women at risk.


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An open letter to the Dallas Morning News and its columnist, Steve Blow:

HB2 is now 2 years old & likely headed to the US Supreme Court

HB2 is now 2 years old & likely headed to the US Supreme Court

In his 4th of July column, Steve Blow leveled hefty claims that public officials have been lying about protecting women’s health by regulating the abortion industry.

Among many false charges, Blow suggests that ultrasounds before abortion are medically unnecessary. Perhaps he should tell that to Planned Parenthood and the many clinics already requiring them before the law.

Chief among his errors is Blow’s assumption the abortion industry resembles the rest of the medical field. Before the sonogram law, Texas women seeking abortion never met the doctor in advance of the sedation or the procedure. There was zero opportunity for questions, zero doctor-patient relationship, and women were not allowed to see the sonogram. In case of complications, women are urged to bypass the clinic and head straight to the ER without the doctor.

Additional regulations have always been necessitated by an abortion industry that refuses to police itself. In 1997, Texas Health Department essentially wrote legislation designed to clean up an industry with an appalling record.

Pennsylvania’s Kermit Gosnell is a more recent example of the industry’s failure to police itself. Gosnell’s clinic, preying on low income immigrants, featured filthy instruments, broken emergency equipment, unaccredited staff administering anesthesia, snipping babies’ necks after birth and killing and maiming women. There is evidence the abortion industry knew of the horrors and did nothing. After Gosnell’s staff got jail time, the staff of Houston’s Douglas Karpan came forward with similar claims.


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a guest post by Valerie Huber, president of the National Abstinence Education Association

Honest citizens must resist the “safe-sex” propaganda and recognize this campaign for what it is: a deceptive crusade promising an easy solution to a complex problem.

Last week’s AP report on changes in state abortion numbers found that nearly all states experienced a drop in abortion since 2010. But what captured headlines was the 30-percent drop in Hawaii, the largest decrease of any state. Laurie Temple Field, a former associate of the ACLU and now a representative for Hawaii Planned Parenthood, lost no time giving significant credit for this dramatic decrease to Hawaii’s change toward Sexual Risk Reduction (SRR)—a contraceptive-focused sex-education approach.

Pro-teen-sex advocates are banking on the sticking power of a new twist in their messaging: “Implement our brand of sex education, and a state can expect to reduce abortion rates.” This messaging is designed to truncate support for Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) education among an influential group of supporters: social conservatives and pro-life policymakers. While this might appear to be a compelling messaging campaign, it defies logic and intellectual honesty, especially upon the examination of state data and the myriad variables that affect abortion numbers.

Analysis of the AP’s latest data reveals three main problems with the causal statements made by Planned Parenthood and their partners. First, decreases in abortion are seen in states with liberal abortion laws as well as those with restrictive laws. Second, both red states and blue states saw decreases in abortion rates. Third, abortion rates decreased in states with SRR education and with SRA education. No matter how tempting the pro-SRR sound bites are, there are simply no easy answers.

Sexual Risk Reduction Programs Don’t Decrease Abortion

Dramatic changes in human behavior rarely can be explained by a simple or single explanation. Hawaii’s 30-percent drop in abortion from 2010 to 2014 is no exception. To suggest that a few hours of sex education should be credited for this unprecedented drop is almost laughable.

One needn’t dig too deep to find a gaping hole in the “SRR education = reduced abortion rates” argument. The AP report shows that the decrease in abortions in North Carolina is nearly as high as that in Hawaii. North Carolina’s state requirement for sex education, however, mandates that abstinence must be stressed.

Conversely, the state of California has an even more explicit sex education policy than Hawaii. The AP report did not record abortion numbers for the state, because the state does not aggregate abortion data. However, the most recent Guttmacher analysis found California abortion rates to be more than 20 percent higher than the national average. Ever since President Clinton signed the Title V Abstinence Education program into law as part of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, California has refused to implement an SRA sex education approach. Since then, state laws have become so hostile to the risk avoidance approach that some argue that SRA education is virtually outlawed in the state.

The SRR approach blankets the state with messages that normalize teen sex. The recent news of a math teacher in California assigning extra credit points to any student who would take a selfie with the sex toys and condoms she or he found in a parent’s bedroom is one example of how radical the sex promotion has become. So, if the logic holds that SRR sex education policy is a significant determinant of reduced abortion numbers, one would expect California to have some of the lowest numbers of abortion in the nation.

Yet, quite the opposite is true. In California, 23 percent of all pregnancies end in induced abortion. This rate is higher than that of Hawaii, higher than the national average, and nearly twice as high as the rate in neighboring Texas. And Texas, incidentally, has one of the strongest sex education laws supporting SRA of any state. Although it is frequently attacked for instituting policies to give youth the information and skills to avoid sexual risk, Texas has one of the lowest abortion rates in the nation.

The Real Reasons for Hawaii’s Drop in Abortions


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Building on a landmark session from two years ago, pro-life advocates continued to achieve even greater successes in the 84th Texas Legislature in protecting and preserving life. Five pro-life bills passed, along with two budget riders, less money for Planned Parenthood and more money for abortion alternatives.

Some of the highlights included:

• Further eroding of funds to Planned Parenthood as a state grant recipients;
• Increased funding by more than a third to abortion alternative providers to $18 million over the biennium;
• Securing judicial bypass reform that closes many of the loopholes for minors to get abortions without parental involvement;
• Breaking a decade-long impasse to reform end-of-life care laws to require provision of food and water to critically ill patients at the end of life.

Unfortunately, a proposal to exclude abortion coverage in state and federal insurance programs stalled in the waning moments of the session, largely because of a high-stakes game of chicken in which one stakeholder insisted on all or nothing—and so we got nothing.


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Excluding Abortion from the Affordable Care Act

HB 3130 is authored by Rep. Marsha Farney (R) of Georgetown, TX. This bill would eliminate elective abortion from the insurance exchanges in Texas (part of the Affordable Care Act), which are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. Also known as Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act only passed in the U.S. House after President Obama signed an executive order assuring Congress abortion would not be in the plans. A recent GAO report has confirmed that abortion is being covered under some of these tax-subsidized plans. In Texas there are 5 plans covering elective abortion and another 14 that may (unknown).

Numerous polls have shown that two-thirds of Americans do not want abortions supported with tax dollars. Texas policy and law has long held that abortion should not be supported with taxpayer dollars.

Bills Relating to Sex Trafficking and Coerced Abortions

HB 416 is authored by Rep. Debbie Riddle (R) of Spring, TX. This bill would require abortion facility workers to complete training on how to recognize victims of sex trafficking. It will also require the workers to assist these minor girls and women and ensure that none are coerced into having an abortion.


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